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If we are to keep it brief then Ruyi Designs can be defined by the three E’s Ethical, Eco-friendly and Elegant/Earthy We are one of a kind manufacturing and export house for home furnishings. What makes us unique is our commitment to provide our customers with the best products which are also gentle to Mother Earth. All our raw materials are responsibly sourced from the artisans from all across the country. We use natural cotton, dyes and go to great lengths to keep our products chemical free, environmentally friendly and so safe that you wouldn’t have to think twice before buying it for your baby.

Although registered in 2013, we have been working in the home furnishing industry for more than two decades and have established a steady base of permanent customers around the world. We follow strict quality checks to ensure that everything bought from us always gets positive consumer feedback.All Organic Products are GOTS Certified.

Ruyi Empowerment Initiative We have put our heart and soul into building a brand that has stayed ethical on every step of the way, not only are we mindful of our carbon footprint but also of our social footprint. Every product that reaches your home has empowered a woman from an economically backward strata of the society. Our makers, or who we fondly call our craftswomen, are skilled women artisans and we have been conscious of employing as many women in our cycle of production as we could. At present …85…% of our artisans are women. 

Every product that you buy from us is free of exploitation as being fair to our artisans is definitely one of our primary goals.


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